Jelly Beans Boutique, LLC
A Mom 2 Mom Consignment Shop
Where mom's make more!
All About Jelly Beans

Our Mission
Jelly Beans Boutique was opened in the Summer of 2006 to serve Avon and the surrounding communities as an alternative to shopping retail.  Our goal is to help families by providing a simple, safe and profitable way to pass on items they no longer need while providing reasonably priced product to our customers.  We are an independently owned and operated company and are not affiliated with any other chains or similar stores. We don't carry anything that is out of date or of lower quality. We believe that every child deserves the best!

The History of Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans Boutique was opened in the Summer of 2006 by Rebecca Cain.   Our store grew as quickly as your kids and we soon had to hire some great employees to help keep things under control.  Our staff is here to help!  We think it is important for you to know that we need our store as much as you do!  We soon outgrew our first store and had to move from Colorado Avenue to our current location, 36785 Detroit Road.  We just love it here and hope you do too! 

What Do You Mean "Jelly Beans?"
One day in the Spring of 2006, I decided to move on from the corporate world.  At the time, I had three children and spent a good amount of my commute thinking about all the ways to quit my job and fall in love with what I did on a daily basis.  Staying at home wasn't an option for me, but taking my kids to work was.  In my quest to use all my skills, love my job and have more time for my kids, I met someone willing to share with me their experience and open my own Children's Consignment Shop. Our small staff ensures that you will be treated with the utmost respect.  To us, every customer counts!  In a jar full of jelly beans there is a little something for everyone - we hope you find our store just a pleasing!

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