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How It Works - The Basics of Consignment

 YThimbleou have decided it is time to clean out the closets and toy boxes and are wondering how it works!  
ALL of the clothing in our store is on consignment.  This means that you receive 40% of the sale price when your clothing sells.  Consignment is not cash up front.  It is simple, profitable and safe. 

Step 1:  APPOINTMENT or WALK-IN.  You make an APPOINTMENT to bring your items in clean and ready for sale*.  We are seasonal.  In general, call January 1st to reserve a Spring/Summer appointment.  Call July 1st to reserve a Fall/Winter appointment.  We also offer walk-ins.  Please note there is one (1) laundry basket maximum  OR 3 large items per customer, per walk-in day.  Walk-ins are currently available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-5pm.  It is best to call to get the most current information on what is being accepted.

Step 2:  Arrive for your appointment/walk-in where we will review your inventory.  We expect that you stay in our store during your appointment or walk-in.  After reviewing your items we will return to you any unneeded items.  Our staff will provide you a consignor ID number and access to monitor your sales via the internet at and watch your profits grow!

Step 3:  THE FUN PART!  You can cash out your account at any time in one of three ways: 
$Shop, you will receive and extra 10% off the ticketed price for shopping on the value of your credit. (If you have $30 in credit we will discount up to $30 of your purchase by 10%) 
$Drop in, we can write you a check anytime during normal business hours.
$Automatic Checks (you must request mailed checks as your prefered method) will be automatically issued April 30th, August 31st and December 31st for balances over $20 TO CONSIGNORS THAT REQUEST MAILED CHECKS.  A $1.00 fee is assessed for each check issued and mailed on these dates.  The fees cover the check, stamp and envelope.

The Fine Print - In big letters!
*Ready for sale means CLEAN! Toys must have all pieces and working batteries.  All toys and baby gear must be less than 5 years old to be considered for consignment.  Clothing should be within the last 3 years.

As of 7/1/2011 the current consignment term is a minimum of 3 months.  This means your items will have at LEAST 60 days at full price, approximately 30 days at discount up to 50% off and finally be placed in our $1 sale.  The $1 sale is currently held 6 times a year and the dates are listed on the home page of our website.  When the $1 sale has concluded we donate anything that was not purchased to a worthy charity that will not sell your items, but will pass them along free of charge to people that truly need them.     

Worried about your items not selling?  We have a very high sell through (about 93%).  Every item you bring to our store is your property and can be retrieved by you at any time.  It is solely your responsibility to remove items from the store before they are donated.  We are interested in selling the great product you bring to us, not donating it.  We are committed to making a mutually beneficial relationship and hope that your experience not only brings you back season after season, but also brings your friends and family. 

Sometimes we find a defect with a product after we have accepted it for sale.  If it is just a few pieces of clothing, they will be donated.  If it is a piece of equipment we will ask you to pick it up.  If you do not respond to us or fail to show up in a reasonable amount of time we will dispose of it. 

No Thank You, We Cannot Accept:

Crib Mattresses
Breast Pumps
Toilets unless new in original package
Feeding supplies unless new in original package
Bath tubs or bath seats
Used diapers, undergarments or socks
Glass items
Any recalled item
Items missing size tags
Snowsuits under 12 months in size
Any infant cushions, body pillow or positioner

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